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Causes for sudden trouble speaking in adults? - Updated in Post 1


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Over the last month I have noticed that about once or twice a day I have some words that come out wrong. Sometimes it is like a stutter, and other times it's like the half the word gets turned into the word that was supposed to come before or after it. I always notice it right away because my thinking is still clear.

I'm in my 30s. I've been having some trouble sleeping lately, and have had some emotional stress. Are there any vitamin or mineral deficiencies that could be causing this? Any other ideas to try at home?

Update: I slept much better for about five nights and now my mouth is cooperating again. It looks like it was caused by the poor sleep.

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Although it coming and going suggests this isn't the case here....

This can be the sign of a stroke.  This happened with my husband.

One night, not quite 2 years ago, near the kids' bedtime, his speech got strange.  He would say a sentence, but some of the words were just wrong.  The completely wrong word.  Or he would repeat a few words over. Or would have trouble saying a word.  It got worse and worse.  He would sometimes say "this is crazy" in between trying to say something else... He knew it was messed up.   I got the kids to bed.  I tried to convince him we should call an ambulance, but he said no.  I should have anyway (depending on the type of stroke, there is a medicine that greatly reduces the stroke and its effects if given within 4 hours.)

Well, he went to bed, but I was worried and stayed up for quite a while in case... not sure exactly... that maybe he would get up or something.  I eventually went to bed, and when I started to get in bed, he woke up, grabbed my arm, and tried to say... something.  He couldn't talk... couldn't get a word out.  I told him I was calling an ambulance; he shook his head no.  I told him I was calling anyway... to consider if I had the same symptoms... and in any case I was calling and he could either get dressed and grab a couple of things, or he could wait for the emt's where he was, but they were coming.  He got dressed, grabbed a couple of things in a backpack, and waited near the door.

He had had a hemoragic stroke (the type that doesn't have the 4 hour window medicine) and was in the hospital for a couple of weeks, then in a rehabilitation center for a couple of months.  He now speaks well enough that it isn't noticeable most of the time.  There were some other effects... He is tired pretty much all the time, math is harder, so is stuff like puzzles.  He also gets overwhelmed with a lot of things going on at once (interesting with 4 kids at home) and has a much harder time following books and movies/shows.  Overall he was fortunate.

All this to say....  nobody should take unexpected speech problems lightly!!!

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21 hours ago, Quill said:

Well I don’t want to go directly to ten, but keep an eye on that...it could be neurological. 


I would rather go straight to ten, then find out I should have and didn't. 

(I still regret my 6 hour delay...  if it had been a stroke where there is a 4 hour window of making it go away or be less severe, I would still be blaming myself.  I can at least tell myself that in my husband's case, the delay made very little difference.)

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Once or twice a day is a lot.  I have this happen, but usually more like once or twice a week.  When it happens, it's usually sleep or too much going on in the background (trying to do something while a kid is talking to me)

My daughter, who has adhd, has this happen a lot more.  Well, less when she's on medicine. 

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I had this happen when I was about 35. It was so severe that I went in to the doctor in somewhat of a panic. I was losing nouns by the dozen- just couldn't pull them up when I needed them. I also had a really weird moment where I said a multisyllabic word (a normal, everyday one) and put the emphasis on the wrong syllable. 

My dr ran aaaalllll the blood tests, but her diagnosis was sleep deprivation and stress. My ds was going through a particularly bad period that had me up a lot of nights and very stressed out. 

She was right. I started focussing on getting to bed earlier to boost the hours of sleep I got and it really did correct itself.

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