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2 cats - weird behavior towards each other


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Background info: Phoebe is 6, Violet is 3. Both are female calicos and do have their claws. Phoebe is very skittish, but she hangs around the house with us and hides when new people come over. Violet is super friendly and puts up with the kids carrying her around and such. The cats have never loved each other. I'd say they tolerate each other.

Yesterday - we left the house for most of the day - about 8 am and we came home around 6 pm. Ever since then, Phoebe has been growling and hissing at Violet. The hissing isn't all that unusual, but she usually does it once and that's it.  I have never heard growling like this from her.

Ideas? Maybe they got in a fight while we were gone?

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