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Lincoln learning solutions?

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Our charter is asking us to move to Lincoln learning solutions or at least give it a try. Does anyone have any experience? 

This would be for my third grader. I am hesitant to do an online program. He has used Time4learning and didn’t enjoy it but does like abc mouse and reading eggs. I’m not sure how Lincoln learning compares.


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No experience, but here's what I found from looking on the website:

1. It's Evan-Moor, on some level, which makes it possibly more respectable than other virtual programs.

2. You can sign up for a free "Lincoln Empowered Course;" they would just want your address. You could see exactly what it's like - and maybe that would satisfy your charter as "giving it a try" (without actually subjecting your child to it).

If you know that online learning is not what you want for your child, yet you feel bound to the charter for various reasons, please continue to ask questions here! I see you are a new member here. Many of us have homeschooled our children without these programs and without charters. We can help you, if your problem is finding materials that you feel comfortable teaching, or if your problem is the cost of materials. There are actually free materials available, and teaching methods that are very suitable and learnable, for homeschooling parents.

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