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How to keep French going

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Hello wise minds.

DS is in CM2 in a French (bilingual) school, little behind grade level in French (equivalent of 5th grade) but he can speak it and read it at a pretty decent level.. For a variety of reasons we are moving to a homeschool charter (blended HS and in seat) but will no longer have French.  Mom and dad speak no French and we will be pretty far from his old classmates etc.  Any idea best way to try to keep up enough French between now and high school?  He is beyond the level for Duolingo but not quite at the level to independently navigate French sites.

Thanks in advance

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Keep reading, progressing in levels. Ask the school for a French grammar recommendation. Online chats like italki (I'm not recommending italki, I just don't know what's out there), French screen time. Learn French. That should be easy. Encourage him to speak to you in French constantly. You have a family routine, you won't be completely lost. A pen pal.

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My dd listened to French radio (streaming), watched English movies that she knew which had been dubbed in French (we got a bunch on eBay), read English books she was familiar with that had been translated into French (I remember her reading Alice in Wonderland in French!).  

For awhile, we lived near a Starbucks that had French conversation times once/week or so.  (Anyone interested could meet there together and just talk in French over a cup of coffee!)

She also hung out with the one French person in our small town about once/week.  She just sat in her kitchen while this person made dinner, and they chatted about anything in French.


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