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Help Susan Wise Bauer at a conference! Get free stuff!

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Help Susan Wise Bauer at a conference! Get free stuff!


Susan Wise Bauer is coming to Fresno, California from July 11th through 13th for the Central Valley Homeschool Convention http://centralvalleyhomeschoolconventions.com/


We are looking for some enthusiastic Well-Trained Mind volunteers to help her out!


You will:

--Help to staff our booth for a four-hour shift

--answer questions about SWB's books and Well-Trained Mind Products (Story of the WorldFirst Language Lessons, etc)--you don't have to know all the answers, but experience in using our books is strongly preferred

--take payments for product purchases

--help us take down the booth and pack up the books 


You'll receive:

--100 dollars in store credit at welltrainedmind.com/store, to get books, audio, and all kinds of useful & fun stuff

--Lunch and free admission to the conference

--A special filter that makes all of your Facebook posts look like they were written by Susan Wise Bauer*

--Twin juvenile goats, flown from Virginia to California in Susan's carry-on bag.**


Email executiveassistant@welltrainedmind.com with your information to apply!



*not really.

**super-duper not really, because of "airlines" and their "city folk" with their "regulations."

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