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Developing the early learner WB- please help!!

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Does anyone have developing the early learner on them and a minute to help me out?? My daughter started it today and I can’t figure out the scoring sheet! I’m worried something is off bc I took books 2-4 to the store and cut off the binding and spiral bound them together and I feel like something happened. 

So book 2 when I start it it has 12 pages for level 1 but the sub skill labeled (left to right, maze, similarities, etc.) doesn’t go in order when I go to score it in the back. So like my first pages ( in book 2) are motor left right 1, visual similarities 1, auditory similarities 1, comprehension association 1, motor hand eye 1, visual memory 1, auditory memory , comprehension sequence 1, motor maze 1visual figure ground 1, auditory rhyming 1, comprehension language 1. But then this is what my scoring paper looks like. It doesn’t list several of those sub skills. Does anyone know what’s wrong!?!

this is true abiut all of the books, 1-4 and it is making me so frustrated! There is no website for these books or any way to contact the publisher/author. I would so appreciate some help! 

The picture is of the book 2 score sheet and the first 12 pages I have to go with that are listed above. 


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It has been a long time for us, but here is what I would do.  I'd write down ALL the page categories you find as you thumb through, listing them initially and then making checkmarks underneath for repeating ones.  If you end with 13 categories of 5 each, just rename the ones in the back of the book to match the odd ones.  If you end up with more categories with some matching, pencil in the names of the oddball ones in the boxes closest to a match and then do your scoring as normal.

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