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CA Charter School Indictments

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For those who are not in SD, you may not be aware of this which has been rumored and now became reality in the last week. Other CA charter school folks need to be aware of what is happening. The news conference video with the SD DA is at the very bottom of this news page. Everyone in CA involved with charters knows that the current governor and legislature with strong backing from teachers unions has indicted that they want to reform charters. There have been several pieces of legilation to that effect. California is known as the wild West of charters so there has been a huge explosion in charters of every sort. So, this is breaking in the middle of a huge fight in CA over the future of charters. This will likely have far reaching implications even beyond CA. I personally don't have a dog in this fight since I am a private homeschooler, but it does have implications around school choice. I am royally upset because I am a CA tax payer and this is at least $50 million!


This is the actual indictment:


This is the Dehesa School district's report on Valiant and the closure of that charter which has came before all these indictments. It's a bit ironic that the indicted superintendent is listed on this:



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I felt like something was up with them. I'm on a few charter pages on Facebook and they were recruiting people constantly. Someone had mentioned they were giving out money for referrals. Them and a couple other charters were also allowing families to use charter funds for Disneyland annual passes. I couldn't understand how they got away with that. 

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