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Chemistry for 5th and 7th graders to teach along with high schoolers?

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I have 2 5th graders, 1 7th grader and my 15yo son. I will also be adding my friend's 14 yo freshman and 7th grader. I had planned to use HOLT Modern Chem (2015) with the online component (from Rainbow Resource) and some labs for my 15yo before we discussed doing this coop style.

Does MrQ Advanced Chem seem appropriate for High School level? I was going to use that for the 7th graders? and the Elementary Chem for my 5th graders? I know on the High School Board Mr Q Adv Chem is mentioned as High School level, but has anyone used it???

If not Mr Q Chem, any other suggestions?

Or use Holt as the spine and allow the others to tag along at their level? That seems easiest right now. My kids have done McHenry's Elements, so it is not all new to them. I could fill in with some teacherspayteachers units for middle school and elementary. 

Any suggestions for curriculum welcome!

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I had similar aged kids last year and we did RSO Chem 1 for the younger kids.  Some lessons I expanded on, with the high schoolers texts (Holt and World of Chemistry).  My high schooler also got a lot out of some of the RSO pages and activities.   


I'm selling the Holt textbook  😉

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