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Logic of English Essentials for English as a Second Language students


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Has anyone has success with Logic of English Essentials for EEL students?  My almost 9 year old daughter has trouble with vocabulary, word analysis and comprehension.  She is catching up but it is very unlike any of my older children so I am a little lost on if I am doing "enough".  She was adopted at a little over 2 years of age and never heard English until then.  All my EEL teacher friends chuckle and say what she is doing is totally normal.  They have given me ideas of how to work on vocabulary etc. and it seems that Logic of English Essentials might be a really good fit.  She is reading at a low/mid 3rd grade level but her comprehension and vocabulary is lower.  Anyone used it with a similar child?  I worry it is too complicated and a bit time consuming but then again I think the extra focus might be what she needs.

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I don't have first hand experience teaching ESL students with LOE (I would love the opportunity to do so if it presented itself though! I've taught ESL adults but not children.) but I went to an elementary school as a child that used WRTR and had a large ESL/migrant workers' children population. They were taught using WRTR just as the rest of the school was and most of the ESL children did very well with it and were mainstreamed within their first year (if they were there that long which is why I say most).

I think LOE or any OG program would be a good fit for most ESL students. It is systematic and breaks things down into bite size pieces for the learner which may seem complicated to someone who did not learn to read and spell this way but once you get the hang of how everything works, it isn't as complicated as it seems and tends to produce readers who can fearlessly tackle almost any word because they have a toolbox full of strategies for figuring it out.

What do you feel is complicated? Do you mean complicated for you or for her? Maybe some of us with LOE/OG experience can help ease your mind.

Yes, it is time consuming, especially when compared to a child who speaks and understands English as their mother tongue, but I believe it is more than worth it (even to the exclusion of other things for now) to get her English speaking, reading and writing skills on par. Good English skills will be paramount to all other learning so I would have no qualms whatsoever, if she were my child, spending extra time and energy on those skills now. Once age appropriate English skills are more fluent for her, all the other subjects will come together easily and she will be able to "catch up" in those areas in no time.

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