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The Leaving Egypt Teachers Lounge 5-21-2019

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Good morning/afteroon/evening wherever you may be! And welcome to the Lounge! 
Today's refreshments include a wide assortment of tisanes (herbal 'teas'), decaf coffee, bananas, Lunchables, and possibly some 
gluten-free pancakes later.

Today's theme stems from the fact that the job I moved up north to take did not work out. And now that I'm about two weeks out from no longer having
said job, I wonder if it had been better had I stayed. The answer is no, if I'm really being honest, but like the Israelites  of old who escaped Egypt after having been slaves to Pharaoh for 400+ years, then when new problems hit, they wondered if they wouldn't be better off going back to Egypt. The answer there is also no. Now I don't think that I was a slave or even treated like one at the job I took, but the stress was REAL. And, as a slave, one's health could be in peril, I felt like mine might be with the huge spikes in blood pressure I was experiencing and the perfection they expected on the job. The point is, I can relate a little bit to what the Israelites were experiencing when they left one hardship for seemingly another. But the one in front of them was far easier, if they'd been honest, than the one they'd left. Just as God was encouraging the Israelites to move forward, and even provided them with enough food, He is encouraging me to move forward and is providing for me, as well.

How do you handle things when they don't work out the way you expected? Here: I thought I was flexible. i thought I was good at confronting problems head on. To the first, I usually am. To the second, evidently not so much.

What recent hiccups have you experienced in your life? Here: beyond the above, as I began to research another job opportunity I thought was going to work and I would snag quickly, i've discovered it may or may not work, and is not as quick for the snagging as I'd thought.

What HAS worked in your favor lately? Here: God has been guiding me and providing me with other valid ideas on how to make an income. I simply need to be diligent and put action to those ideas. Plus, my rent is paid through June, so I have shelter and food while it snows outside. 

Talk to me!

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Scrap, sorry the job didn't work out as you had hoped and planned. I experienced something similar when I started out with my graduate studies last fall. I thought it would lead to employment in a specific area. Instead, after 8 months of looking for opportunities in that specific area I got hired on for part-time work in a different field. I've been working in this field for only 4 weeks, but I am really loving it! I don't I feel like the 8 months I spent in my studies and looking in that other area were wasted, however. They actually prepared me both physically and mentally for getting back into the work force in general by giving me a taste of life/work away from the home and away from homeschooling. They also provided me with excellent information that neither my family nor myself are ready for me to work full-time.

Had I simply stepped right out into full-time employment from the get-go, it would have been too much. So, while I worked so hard to do well in my courses, am not currently working in that area, and it took 8 months to finally get a job, it was actually all for the best in the end. 

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