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Critical thinking books- Kumon, developing early learner, or building/hands on thinking skills.

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I have a daughter starting kinder this fall with a late birthday, she’ll be 6 in the Fall. She’s already partway through Abeka k letters and sounds and she’s learning to read well but her attention and critical thinking skills are... special 😆 

I’m looking at Developimg the early learner and I like it but a lot of people seem to have negative things to say about it. I have Kumon prek critical thinking skills (it’s a set of 4 books) that we’ve done a little of and I’m planning on finishing it over the summer. They also have a kinder set so that’s an option. The last option I’m looking at is critical thinking company’s building thinking skills and hands on thinking skills. I actually think I have both. 

I just want to make sure that whatever we do isn’t just a time waster but is really teaching her to listen, stop and think, and follow directions. Any insight or suggestions? 

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I liked Developing The Early Learner, but I didn't think of them as critical thinking books.  They're skill books.  The back of each one has a chart for you to fill in as you do them and the exercises are broken down into 5(?) main skills: visual processing, sound discrimination, auditory processing (following directions), fine motor..I forget the others.  It's been a few years. 😄

For critical thinking at that age I liked Bambino/MiniLuk.  Each book has a different skill focus: matching, visualizing different ways, basic math and so forth.  They're self correcting and non consumable so you can always go back through again. 

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I hadn’t thought about how developing the early learner was a different set of skills.... but that’s some good food for thought. I think it’s possible that’s where my daughters actual weaknesses are so that is great to hear. Or it might just be her attention span??? I know she’s so young but she is just so different then my other two kids who love to sit and play with one toy for an insanely long time and will read or look at books forever. She’s more of a tornado 😆😆😆 

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