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Teachers Pay Teachers (sellers)

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Does anyone here sell on the site? Have you found it useful? I know there are teachers that can profit a lot on it, but I'm looking for realistic goals. Like if you upload something for sale, how many sales do you average in a month or year or six month period?

I'm toying with some graphic design files. I just made an educational game and wondered if anyone would even buy it. It's very basic, but so are some of the games my child and I like for learning. I'd need to come up with new ideas for other games. Just wondering if anyone has any personal experience with the site as a seller.

Thank you 🙂

Also, if someone wants my game I'll pass a few copies around the Hive for free and ask in return you give me some feedback (please be kind). Since most items I see on the site are priced free-$5 I thought of asking $2 per download. I don't know if that's too high, though. I didn't want to pay for/hunt down royalty free stock images so I made very simple images.

The game focuses on the sounds "sh" "oe" and "ce." I know "ce" isn't really a phonogram tile, but they used it separately in Time4Learning so I am using it as an easy way to introduce/reinforce the soft c sound. The game would be easy to manipulate if I needed to change the cards, though.

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