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Supplement for Notgrass Econ

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I am tasked to teach a semester co-op class where the students will be using this text. I will be doing my own activities in class to reinforce concepts, etc. I am finding the Notgrass task deficient in some concepts. Can you recommend a text that I can use for my own purposes and/or a website where I can print supplemental materials for them?  

I saw these on other threads. Thoughts?

Principles of Economics by Makiw

Glencoe Economics: today and tomorrow

Economics: Principles, Problems and Policies by  McConnell

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bump. Anyone? I am pretty overwhelmed by the amount of texts that exist and the prices. I had thought maybe I would get something that my own kids could use in high school since I don't like the Notgrass but the Glencoe will be way out of date by then and the others seem to be college level (?)

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