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Do you enjoy flying?

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11 minutes ago, Lady Florida. said:

Everything you said except for the parts about Asia (I've never been there) fits how I feel about flying.

It's interesting that many of you who hate it aren't afraid of flying - you just hate the crowded plane, the hassle of airports, etc. None of that bothers me. It's the actual flying and a (mostly) irrational fear of crashing that makes me hate it.

Same. Those things are just mild hassles for me. I feel the same about trains or taking the Megabus or whatever. The plane is no better or worse in that sense.

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2 hours ago, tdbates78 said:


I thought I was the only one who actually enjoys turbulence! For some reason it lulls me to sleep 🙂 On our long flight from Venice (Italy) to PHL last week I had 9 hours to do nothing and it was fairly relaxing as the flight was less than half full. I watched a few movies, read from my book and took a nap and my kids did the same. Had a glass of wine and lunch and a snack served to me...it felt like a quasi spa day! 

Turbulence doesn't bother me either.

This post reminds me of a recent flight where a little tot shouted, "Oh, Turbulence - YES!!!"  Now my kids and I always say that when the plane gets a little bumpy, LOL.

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