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 Hi everybody. I’m wondering if anyone knows what score most universities are looking for on the bio SAT subject exam from a homeschooler. The average is really high and I feel it’s because of self selection bias. It seems that most people would only take the exam if they were going to try to get into an Ivy League school or if they wanted to show their prowess in biology. But for homeschoolers it’s different.  Some universities that we are looking at require SAT subject exams from homeschoolers only.  Will those universities want a score comparable to those from the kids going to the Ivy leagues? Any information would be helpful! Thanks in advance! 

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I had been told years ago that anything in the 600s was good and I would think that would still hold true for schools just looking for outside verification of coursework. I know many, many homeschoolers locally who have taken SAT subject tests and very few of them get scores well into the 600s. And this was for subjects that our local coop prides itself on being really strong in.

Maybe contact the schools that are requesting subject tests from homeschoolers and see what they are looking for? Though, honestly, now that I think about it, I would think that if the median sat scores of their students would be the biggest clue. So if the middle 50th percentile gets a 1200 SAT, which would be about a 600 in reading and a 600 in math, that is probably about what they will hope to see on the subject test as well — a 600. That’s just my guess, though.

Honestly, I haven’t come across any schools that aren’t more selective and require an SAT score.

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