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Math: what topics are okay to skip?

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I'm starting my planning for next school year when we'll be using Holt Geometry 2007. Remembering back to my own high school and college math courses, there were always sections or even whole chapters that my teachers skipped. How did they decide what was okay to skip?

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Hi-- I've been using the Holt 2007 text in my online classes since 2009. 

I cover chapters 1-11.  We do a semester project (tessellation poster) that goes along with chapter 12-- but no homework or tests for chapter 12.  

I would not skip anything else in this program.

In some chapters the last section is optional--it should be obvious that there is a disconnect between the main theme of the chapter.  I suggest that my stronger students at least watch the Dr. Burger recordings for these instead of skipping them entirely.

I typically assign the Reteach (invaluable!) and Practice B worksheets for every lesson.  For most lessons I also assign the Problem Solving worksheets (last problems are ACT/SAT practice questions).  The text was designed for the worksheets as main homework-- the text problems do not offer enough practice-- especially with the foundation level problems.  Also almost all of the odd text problems have homework help-- including worked out solutions available along with the Dr Burger recordings (actually the SAME recordings as Thinkwell-- access is free if you have a student text-- codes are in each lesson)-- another reason why there is not enough practice in the text alone-- unless you are an exceptionally strong student.  

The text can be VERY busy-- but if it is used AFTER the lesson has been introduced (teacher/online Dr Burger recordings) it is a great resource.  There are some foundational practice problems hidden in the text lesson under 'TRY THIS'. 


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