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Revised TWTM suggestions for 5th grade logic?

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I have an old version of TWTM. The logic books she suggests (Mind Benders warm up and A1-A4) are no longer easy to find. I am wondering if she still recommends the same ones, bought used, or if she has updated what to do for logic starting in 5th grade. There are still Mind Bender books to buy, but they've all been updated, so I am not sure which ones I should get. 


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In the book it says "casual" informal logic. So books like

1.  Blast off with logic series by risby

2. The prince of physics adventures in reason by Langman

3. The basics of critical thinking  by the ctc company

4. An illustrated book of bad arguments by Almossawi

5. Don't get fooled! How to analyze claims for fallacies, biases and other deceptions by givler

Although the mindbender books are not a bad idea either. My kids love those.


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