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Friendly Biology vs Guest Hollow

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I've not used either one, but I have been looking at them for my 9th grader.  In the end, I decided neither.  I'm going to use Miller Levine- I got the textbook for cheap on Amazon used.  Bc I know my student doesn't really like textbooks, I'm finding other books for her to read and I will lecture the main material rather than having her read it.  I also bought the workbook for the vocabulary, and I plan to buy a bio coloring book and some notebooking activities on TPT.  

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2 minutes ago, freesia said:

My dd is using Guest Hollow biology.  It is absolutely high school worthy. My ds used Miller Levine and I am finding Guest Hollow more engaging. We love the imbedded videos and the supplementary documentaries.

Do you feel like your daughter is always on the computer for this course? 

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No, but she ( unlike her older brother) is not one to get distracted when on the computer.  The screen time is higher with this course bc of the online textbook and videos. You can also do virtual labs.  Other than word processing and an online French class ( with a textbook) and a music theory program, this is her online online class.  It is wise to balance that with how your child handles him or herself online, though, and how much screen time they get overall and what effect it has on them.

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