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Free online art/drawing/coloring class (xpost from Chat forum)

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One of my online friends just started teaching on Skillshare, and she has a class called “Draw and Color Cute Teddy Bears” that she is offering for free to fellow homeschoolers, and she gave me a link to share in case anyone here is interested in taking her class. I have only watched part of it so far, but it seems like it would be good for beginners and kids. It’s kind of long, but it’s broken up into short sections so you can watch the parts that interest you and skip the parts you don’t care about. She has sections on how to draw a bear and give it clothes or little accessories, and then color it with colored pencils, alcohol markers, watercolor markers, and watercolor paints, and also how to color and shade the bear with only a standard #2 pencil. It’s a cute class, and it also includes a free printable step-by-step worksheet and a free coloring page.

I hope it’s ok to post the link here. My friend won’t make any money from people who take her class for free (no credit card or payment required,) so hopefully I’m not breaking any rules by posting this. She also doesn’t get any money if people sign up for Skillshare after taking her class because you would need a different link for that. (She gave me a link for two months of free membership, but I’m not posting that link because I know she gets some kind of bonus for that.) Right now, she only has a few students and I’m trying to help her get the word out about her class. She plans to make more classes soon.

Here is the link. 

Draw and Color Cute Teddy Bears -- Quick & Easy

My friend said that it’s ok to share the free class link if you know anyone else who might be interested.

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