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History recommendations?

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I'm stuck on a history program.  There are some history programs that I really like for the most part, but they seem to split into a lower grammar group, which is too basic for my son, and then an upper grammar group, which might be too demanding.  He is going into 2nd grade next year and is also gifted. He would enjoy building something occasionally, but he isn't really interested in learning through coloring pages, arts and crafts etc.  He is a get-it-done and go play/do his own thing kind of a kid. For reference, this is what we are using this year: .  Its actually a workbook that I made to go with A Child's History of the World.  The reading and worksheets are at his level, but some might only give them to a 3rd/4th grader, not a 1st grader.  Earlier this year, we had to do the worksheets together and now he mostly reads and does them by himself by his choice.  We have done history twice a week, about 20-30 minutes at a time.  He has learned a lot this way, without too much fluff.

So when I look at Biblioplan, it looks perfect because I can choose harder questions for him, but the program seems a little chaotic and confusing.  When I look at Tapesty of Grace, I don't really see any reading questions for his age group, just a few simple oral questions and projects, etc.  I think Story of the World is too similar to CHOW and we need something different this year.  I also don't want a secular history program or one that is too Protestant learning, because I am Russian Orthodox.  So anyone have any ideas, or am I going to be stuck writing another history workbook this year for my son?  LOL.  I did look at the Beautiful feet history guides and they also had the either too easy for lower grammar or too hard for upper grammar thing going on.   (I know not everything has too be "hard', but it has to be engaging and interesting to him.)   Also, we do narrations from time to time, but in combination with written work.  It's how my son learns best.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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