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PSAT summer Reading/Writing review?

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So, obviously, Khan Academy.

Erica Metzler books are also highly spoken of (but my DD didn't find the one we had useful, so YMMV). She has four SAT books. If practice tests show a lower score for the evidence-based reading portion, go for EM's Reading book. If the Writing portion is lower, go for the Grammar book or just have her review punctuation rules.

Overall, I'm just a big fan of paper-and-pencil practice tests followed by review of every question to see why you got it right or wrong. Speed isn't as big on the SAT as on the ACT but it is important.

Another idea is to read a variety of well-written non-fiction sources for practice. But, we haven't gone out of our way to do that if it isn't something we already subscribe to & the kid is interested in (National Geographic, The Economist, for example).

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