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Add up the time spent on everything involved.  18 hours of video, plus time spent on projects, plus ceramics class time.  Depending on how much time your dc spent on the activities, it may or may not be enough.  Generally, people expect 60-90 hours for half a credit.  


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Thanks. I'm trying to get an idea from someone who has done the course how long the activities will take so I don't run long or come up short if we use it next year. I guess I should have said that. I keep a spreadsheet of course hours, but I was hoping for a better idea ahead of time.

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I went through about the first six episodes with my two kids, another mom, and her two kids. 

We found the actual lessons ran quite a bit longer than the given time. There are one or two big exercises in each lesson (draw two pears, one with the stem toward you and one away; draw a cardboard box with flaps open; draw a still life of round bottles / vases / glasses), and we would pause for each one. I'd guess each lesson ran an hour or an hour and a half, not sure exactly, it's been a while. Then, there are homework assignments with each class.It would be easy to spend 2-3 hours a week at work with just the lessons, exercises, and homework. He also spends a bit of time looking at art to see how different artists use the technique, so a bit of time each week could be spend looking at art books to study technique.

For what it's worth, the course recommends a lot of supplies. We did just fine with a drawing notebook (nice paper), a small set of drawing pencils, and an excellent eraser. Certainly for the first lesson or two to see if it is a good fit.

We thought the course was excellent. Even my son, who does not like to draw and does not think he is good, produced some very good still life drawings. I am hoping to pick it up again sometime.

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