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YMCA's Youth & Government enough for a .5 civics credit?

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Would participation in this program be enough hours to count as a .5 civics credit? Has anyone done that for a transcript?

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I don't know about that, but it's such a cool thing to do, it seems you might want to feature it more by including with extracurriculars. 

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Side note: technically, "Civics" focuses more narrowly on the topics of citizenship, rights & duties of citizens, and civil liberties/civil rights, while "Government" focuses more broadly on: different types of government; the 3 branches of the U.S. Government and related topics to each; plus additional topics such as media, lobbying, voting, political parties, etc. (However, many high schools seem to use the course names of "Civics" and "Government" interchangeably.)

A standard high school 0.5 credit Gov't course usually covers the following topics:
- types of government
- the Constitution, federalism
- Legislative branch, Senate, House of Representatives, bill becomes law
- Judicial branch, court system, Supreme Court, key court rulings
- Executive branch, President, the beaurocracy, federal agencies
- foreign policy, domestic policy
- the media (the "4th estate"), public opinion
- political parties
- interest groups, lobbying
- voting, elections
- civil liberties, civil rights
- state and local government

No, I don't think Youth & Gov't has enough coverage of enough of the topics of a typical Gov't course to count as a 0.5 credit. (And even less to cover "Civics", as defined in paragraph 1 above). Youth & Gov't covers the local legislative branch; some states are also able to do a little coverage of the judicial branch. But the emphasis in Y&G is on the legislative aspect: writing bills, committees on bills, debating and lobbying of bills, forming political parties and the election of officers within the House and Senate, etc., all within the context of participating in a 2-3 day Model Legislative session at the state capital.

Youth & Gov't is a fantastic extracurricular with lots of great skills developed -- leadership, responsibility, networking, debating/public speaking, etc. --  and while you can count some of the hours towards the legislative topics of a Gov't credit, I would *not* hide such a great extracurricular under a 0.5 credit on the transcript. So even if you don't use ANY of the hours (or only some of the hours) of Y&G participation towards a 0.5 credit of Gov't (or Civics) through Y&G, it's still VERY worth doing as an extracurricular. 

That is just my experience/opinion from each of our DSs having participated in Youth & Gov't for 3 years. 🙂  BEST of luck, whatever you decide. Warmest regards, Lori D.

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