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Posting some easy french reads...

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I've often asked here for easier french literature with an audio component. I've used these with DS and really liked them, so am posting in case anyone needs. My criteria is that I need the audio too. I am dying to do The Wall by Sartre with DS but alas, no audio.

Boule du Suif, Maupassant. I loved doing this (longer) short story with DS but screen for theme first. As is the case with all Maupassant, PDFs available online.

Le Passe Muraille--My own French is dismal but I enjoyed and even chuckled at the language in this tiny story by Marcel Ayme. There's a statute in Paris of the passe muraille.

L'homme qui plantait des arbres.

and we are currently doing a hilarious little book called Exercises in style. It is the same story, only a paragraph long, told 99 different ways. The second for example, he doubles every word "in the middle of the day and also midday"--it is more entertaining than I can seem to convey here...

I'd love more suggestions!

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A couple of classics with audio:

l'Aiguille Creuse audio,  book with study guide  If you like this one, there are lots of Arsene Lupin mysteries, and even a tv show and some movies.  

Vendredi, ou La Vie Sauvage .  Despite all possible appearances, this is not a direct translation of Robinson Crusoe.  But it's awfully close.  The author was "inspired by" Defoe... I guess right down to naming his characters after the ones in RC.  LOL.  We have a hilariously illustrated version.  


Not high literature, but entertaining short novels:  

La Guerre des Boutons

 Gardiens de la Comete


Contes de la Rue Broca



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