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From homeschool to part-time public school (x-post)

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So, I have homeschooled since my 19yo was 4. She spent two years in charter schools (7th & 9th), but for the most part she continued to homeschool even as I worked in and out of the home and attended grad school. I just graduated her last year.

My second child is currently in the second grade. I knew from the beginning I would probably put her in some type of school, whether full- or part-time. She is just very different from her sister, and even working from home with her is hard. Her anxiety was too much to put her anywhere for any amount of time (unless I was there), but now she is ready and excited about attending somewhere.

Our district has what they dub the "homeschool program" (although they are considered public school students). I’ve registered my then-3rd grader for this upcoming school year. She will be in a mixed class of 1st to 5th graders (no more than 12), Monday through Wednesday, 4 hours a day (10-2). The teacher does math activities, like number of the day (based on days in school), is it prime, finding factors of it, skip counting by factors, etc. so the abilities range all grades.  Another half hour (later in the day) is a math study hall in which they work on math from home, so I'll be sending Singapore. I figure I can teach the textbook before she leaves for school, and my daughter is pretty self-sufficient in doing the workbook.

The teacher also focuses a lot on language arts: studying a poem daily, as well as some spelling, dictation, journaling. I think they do some of it in combination with a social studies or science topic. I don't see science or social studies on the schedule she sent me, but I saw a lot on the walls that the children worked on together. It may have been part of their afternoon project. They also get one special (music, art, whatever they “have time for.” This semester, they cut the 10 minute music block they had because they no longer had time.)

I'm trying to decide what to do with her the rest of the time. I don't think the teacher sends homework. I was thinking to do spelling with her, as I want to continue AAS (both of my girls were/are dyslexic and this works). I will also need to continue Spanish (her other native language, so not optional), and we'd like to continue Chinese. She will also continue violin. I'm tempted to let that be it and just let her follow interests and do field trips and park days when she's not in school. But, I also have at least a couple of hours of work on one of the days she's not in school, and she'll need a specific activity to do when I'm working or she'll get into mischief.

What would you do with a child that you have for two school days a week (and about 30-60 minutes 3 mornings a week)?

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Before 10 M-F: Continue Mandarin Mornings, Bible, spelling, math
After 2 M-F: Practice Mandarin, and violin
Th/F/S: Spanish composition (possibly covering Science and History), violin lesson and Mandarin lesson
In her free time: Books and audiobooks of interest, maybe one of those subscription services like that online science that was so popular here a few years back

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