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Lori D.

We now have a certified EMT in the family!

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So proud and excited for DS#2, who is now a certified EMT, with Wilderness First Aid certification as well! 

DS#2 used his AmeriCorp credit (earned in 2016) to pay for an intensive 3.5 week Wilderness & EMT course. It was 8 hours/day, 5 days/week, plus two 8-hour clinical shifts in a hospital, and the National EMT Registry exam on the last day. And he PASSED! This is an especially meaningful achievement, as due to mild LDs, DS#2 has always struggled with traditional "school" and textbook learning, and there was a very thick textbook of material with lots of medical terms to have to learn. Happy dancing here! (:D

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Quick update: DS#2 started his new wildland firefighting season just a few weeks ago, and -- a sort-of good-new/bad-news -- he has already had the opportunity to put his new EMT skills to use on a crew member who dehydrated and got heat exhaustion (thankfully fine now). I'm guessing DS#2 will have all-new types of stories to share at the end of this season...

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