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American Sign Language 3? Self Paced or Regular Online ?

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My dd has an LD that's going to make it super hard / impossible to learn foreign language in college.  Most colleges do not want to waive this requirement, but two of the colleges that she's very interested in, do not require foreign language anyway, as long as a student has taken 3 full years of college prep language, of the same language.  All of them accept ASL.

We've looked at Gaullaudet (I just butchered that spelling sorry) and Columbia college online, but I am very nervous about having her take an 8 week intensive course, even if it is all review of the books and material she has already covered.  "Intensive" is not a word that I would say describes academics that my dd has success with.  

Her current teacher is not offering ASL 3, and while we might be able to set up some tutoring, I don't think she can do a full class just for one person.  

So, if she can get through one more year of ASL at home, then that satisfies her foreign language requirement at several colleges, and maybe those will be the only ones on her list when the time comes. I'm ok with that 🙂

She has done Signing Naturally, units 1-12, both books by the end of this school year. She would not mind review at all, as the end of the second book has been challenging as they have now learned hundreds and hundreds of signs.  She attends deaf events at the mall, and does pretty well carrying on a basic conversation with the (very patient!) deaf people there.  As long as the class is called ASL 3,  or I can legitimately call it ASL 3, we are good to go. I can make my own transcript and put it through our cover school if it's not an official accredited or online class that has such things.  

We do have a meeting set up with her teacher Thursday so I am hoping my dd will bring it up about doing a full class via tutoring model next year.  

I'm googling but so far just found 1 and 2.  

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I'm a little nervous about the Open Tent class because there are no refunds at all there and our co-op schedule is not out yet.  They don't refund you unless the class is full and they fill your child's seat from the wait list.  (basically almost no refunds at all) But I'll bookmark it in case the co-op schedule comes out before the class fills.

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