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Possible Move: Homeschooling MS/HS in Pittsburgh


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DW's job here is marginal and she is being aggressively recruited for a academic medical job in Pittsburgh.

DS12 is homeschooled and DS10 is in public school. Our family is only willing to live in the city, so for ds10 we would have to at least live in the Allerdice feeder zone. 

For DS12, home instruction and the Western PA ARML group is adequate for math; but not as good as UMTYMP and dual enrollment. Cheap CC dual enrollment is fine but not as good as free DE at UMN. If we could game CC to Carnegie Mellon/Pitt  cross registration for 1 course per semester that would rock.

Being able to access public school clubs for FIRST robotics and stuff is great.

The main concern I have is social. Here in MN we have local secular online support groups that organizes field trips, teen park days, teen game days, a teen LARP group,etc.... I don't see that in Pittsburgh. Furthermore, if I wanted to organize math teams, book  clubs, whatever... these groups exist to organize folks. Given a widely used local list, I can grudgingly organize whatever DS12 needs, Absent that community, group formation is probably  beyond my skills. Looking online, I see lots of explicitly Christian groups that wouldn't fit our family and no inclusive groups. Is there a secular homeschooling community and do they have an online presence.

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