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Big stuff going on this month here

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I've graduated my 5th kid from home school high school. She has decided her college choice, gotten accepted and received an excellent FA package.  She will be moving to campus in August. So excited for her.

My husband is becoming Catholic this Easter!   You could fit a small human in that man's first easter basket this year. 

And at some point after Easter, the husband and I are going to the Caribbean all by ourselves for 7 glorious days.  I don't know what he is going to do.  I'm going diving and snorkeling every day. LOL

I'm one happy happy woman this week.🐠🏝💕😁



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This is all fabulous news! About 5 years ago, someone close to us joined the Church at Easter. Frankly, it's a beautiful part of Triduum. The vacation soon after sounds like a terrific way to celebrate. Happy Holy Week!

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40 minutes ago, Scarlett said:

Wow, that is a lot of big news for y’all. Will your dd be going far away?  

I am very jealous of the Caribbean vacation!  Enjoy!

No, not far she’s going to stay in state on an art scholarship.  We had a bit of a tiff because she turned down a paid 14 day trip to Europe. So her rushing to leave the state wasn’t even discussed. But she is very happy with the university choice so I’m hoping some time there will encourage her to explore more the world.😆

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14 minutes ago, hopeistheword said:

Is it bad to admit a bit of jealousy at your place of completion with homeschooling? 

Congratulations on all points! 


I’m not even half way done yet. If I ever am done, I’m just saying now that my “boss and coworkers” better go all out on my retirement party celebration. 😁

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