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American opportunity credit


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I have been in school for a few years now plugging away at prerequisites. Last year was the first that I officially crossed into full time territory.

Up until this point I haven't taken the AOC. My tuition costs are low and I have several more years of school ahead of me that will be much more expensive. AOC is a 4 year maximum credit and I didn't want to start taking it too early.

However, I was looking over the guidelines again and it says that it can be taken for the first 4 years of full-time enrollment. Does that mean it cannot be saved for future years that will be more expensive (but still undergrad)?

Any thoughts?

Just to give an idea, 2018 tuition was $1300, I estimate:

2019- $1100

2020- $1400

2021- $4500

2022- $7000

2023- $4000 (At this point I will have a bachelors)

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