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Saxon 8/7 for multiple students -what is needed?

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If I have 2 students doing Saxon 8/7, I think I'd need 2 student texts for sure (unless they worked at different times). Then there's the test and worksheet book - are those consumable, so would I need 2? 

I'd think I'd only need one solutions manual book, right?

Oh and while I'm asking, do you like DIVE or Saxon Teacher better?

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I have 2 kids working at the same level in various subjects. I just get 2 copies of the student textbook because for us, it's easier AND more productive for both boys to do the same subject, at the same time, for roughly the same length of time.

I don't know that Saxon has a workbook for the numbered versions, but if they do and you want to use it, I'd compare how much it'd cost to make copies of a workbook, vs buy two copies and make my decision based on that.

I *think* the test book is MEANT to be photocopied, not written in.  The only reason to consider buying TWO test booklets is if making copies is inconvient/difficult/unlikely and you want the kids to write in the test booklet or on the original test itself.

In my opinion, it's better for kids to not have access to the solutions manual if you own one, so I'd buy just one if I (the parent) needed it and keep it where the kids can't get too it freely.

I have no idea about one set of DVDs vs the other.

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I think that the test/drill worksheet book is not intended to be consumable, so you might need two of those. One solutions manual should be fine. 

Ive used DIVE cd roms with DD but they are very dry. There are some available to watch on YouTube, or used to be, if you want to get a feel for the style. We preferred Nicole the Math Lady, which is an online subscription, not DVD. She also has sample videos on YouTube.  I have never tried Saxon Teacher DVD’s.

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I can't answer your first question about materials because we have the older edition -- hardcover text and tests.

I have looked at DIVE and Saxon Teacher, though not specifically for 8/7.  We much prefer the Art Reed lessons (although we do without video instruction until after Algebra I.)

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I'm planning to teach 2 kids from 87 next year.  I'm getting one extra workbook for my second student.  I do not need the drill sheets, and we copy the tests  (and I don't give them all).   I would suggest the Learning Resources fraction, decimal and percent towers, a small white board, and a notebook to start learning toa k e and use Math notes.

I will be teaching this myself, but for upper grades I've tried Art Reed and Saxon Teacher.  Art Reed is much easier to watch!  

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