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PreK thru 8th grade in now history in our household

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As I am wrapping up our school year and preparing for the next, I can say that I have successfully taught all my children Pre-K thru 8th grade.  Never planned on high school but did it with the first.  Wasn't going to do with the other two and here I am going on year two of high school with my second.  My youngest has decided that she too will stay home for high school and will be a freshman in the fall of 2019.

Since the beginning there has been a mixture of public schools, DoD schools, various types of co-ops and lots of trips here and there.  I have bought so many different kinds of curriculum over the years I could have just sent my kids to private school (ha ha).  It's amazing how the homeschooling world has changed in just the past decade.  Even now with small five year age difference from youngest to oldest, opportunities area different. 

If you are at the beginning of the end of your 8th grader and don't think you can teach the 9th-12th, YOU CAN.  Don't let the nay sayers get to you.  It can be done, if I can have a child graduate from home and be off at a private college with nearly a 4.0 on the Dean's list and proved that she can be leader (yes my mama brag 😄 ) then anyone can teach their children 9th and above.

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Yea Bear2K!  Congratulations on your successful grad at college, and wishing you all a great journey as you finish up the other children in homeschool high school.


Just to add on to Bear2K's encouragement -- there's lots of great help, wisdom, and BTDT experience to tap into on the WTM High School Board. Iif you're approaching the high school years, check out the big pinned thread at the top of the High School Board: "High School Motherlode #1". That is full of links to meaty past threads on all kinds of helpful topics, including:

- High School Time Table (what to do/when for each year of high school)
- Preparing for High School
- Addressing Fears
- Getting Started
- Books & Resources
- Making a High School Plan
- Time Management
- High School on a Budget
- Expectations/Attitudes
- Accreditation / Cover Schools
- Plus: threads on all the tests: AP, PSAT, SAT/ACT, SAT Subject tests, CLEP

There are also pinned threads to help you research high school curricula: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Foreign Language.

And there's also a pinned thread of "High School Motherlode #2", with links to past threads on more homeschooling high school topics:
- Transcripts / Record Keeping
- Credits
- Grading / GPA
- Honors Courses
- Record Keeping / Course Descriptions / Letter of Recommendation / Volunteering
- Graduation topics / Diplomas
- High School Subjects (Writing, Sciences (other than Biology/Chemistry/Physics, and Electives)
- Making Your Own Courses
- Extracurricular Activities
- Outsourcing
- Online Classes
- Tutors
- Dual Enrollment

And in the later years of homeschooling high school, and if thinking about college, there's are two pinned threads at the top of the WTM College Board to help you out:

"What are you favorite websites for researching colleges?" -- tons of helpful info on how to do the college search process
"College Motherlode" -- linked past threads on just about every topic for applying to, and starting at, college, plus threads on the Military, Alternatives to college, and Career Exploration

Enjoy the wisdom of The Hive! Warmest regards, Lori D.

Edited by Lori D.
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