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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

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12 hours ago, hopeistheword said:

 Snuggle with boys in bed


order dd13 ballet slippers for play costume



Supper in crockpot (porkchops)

laundry (ongoing)

school boys


work on supper

Girls one-on-one (with one; ran out of time for both, though I did help her through some sticky geometry)

out and about: dd13 to play practice; dd14 to get her dress hemmed for the upcoming co op formal; ds8 to soccer practice

home to supper

figure out SAT stuff (I’m the co op testing admin this year 🥴) and send emails 

whatever else I manage to do 



I also managed to deliver about ten dozen sugar cookies to church AND run by Walmart to pick up some pants for dd13’s play costume. 👊🏼

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Well, we made it to TKD - *I* made it as well as my kids.  Yay!  

I am really rusty.  But I should be able to bounce back.

I did accidentally knock my kid down with what may have been an illegal move.  Just shows how out of practice I am.  (She was not hurt.)

Back home, after a shower we all watched an old show and then they went to bed.  Nice to have an evening with no homework!

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