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As the school year comes to a close I hope someone has used Byline and can answer a question for me: Is it feasible to get through Byline in one semester? I took a class through OYAN a couple of years ago and it dragged on and on. It could definitely have been cut back/down from a year-long class, I think. So I wonder if Byline might be the same? My kids are used to doing school 5 days per week plus weekend work if need be. In other words, following a program designed for just 3 days per week is tortuously slow going for us.

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We haven’t used OyAN so I cannot compare it.  But we are finishing up ByLine. My kid works slowly, so he probably couldn’t finish it in one semester.  But, he is also doing other things for his English credit.... literature and grammar.   So, maybe without those additions, he could.  ByLine has some assignments that take longer than others... so as long as you give the extra time needed for those, you probably could.  We skipped a few of the short writing assignments.... because I added different longer assignments.  I don’t think there is any fluff in byLine... it is solid.  It is designed to spend 4-5 hours a week..  Maybe if you start it early in the summer?  I hope that made sense... my kids won’t stop talking to me while I’m typing. 😂 

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