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I realize there is an 8th grade planning thread on the K-8 board. Thought we needed one here, too, for those that pop in more on the Logic Board.

We are jumping into a new co-op for 8th grade to spice things up a bit for ds. It's a STEM co-op, so I think he'll enjoy it. I'm also streamlining our choices this year as I hope to have a part-time job. 

STEM Co-op Fall & Spring classes:

SCIENCE:  Physical Science with Lab and Aviation class

Handcrafting with metal & leather (fun)

Beginning Programming/Coding (fun)

MUSIC:  Guitar I & II

At Home:

MATH: Mr. D Pre-Algebra 

ENGLISH:  Essentials in Writing 8 with grading/ EIL 8? (there is only one novel scheduled, Night, so we will add more just for free reading, maybe adding in Boomerang guides for discussion:  (still continuing with some Bravewriter Lifestyle activities)

The Giver, Echo, Night, The Westing Game, Brightly of the Grand Canyon, Lord of the Flies(maybe), White Fang, Basher Five-Two, Lost on a Mountain in Maine, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (Book Club), Navigating Early 

Easy Grammar 8, Marie's Words, Word Root study

HISTORY:  Notgrass Civics Uncle Sam & You... D.C. trip and local field trips

LOGIC:  The Thinking Toolbox or Critical thinking resources

BUSH CRAFT Club (organized by husband, 2x a month)

PE:  YMCA class

ART: Masterpiece Art Society

Ongoing Projects:  '72 Ford Truck remodel & School bus remodel for teen hangout.

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I’ll jump in. I’m still figuring it all out but here’s what I have so far: 

Bible: The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study

Math: Thinkwell Alg 1

Grammar: Abeka Grammar 2

Writing: EIW 10

History: Notgrass Adam and Us

Science: BJU Physical Science 

Logic: Intro to Logic from Master Books

Latin: MP 2nd Form

Spanish: HS Spanish Academy High school 1 

Lots of Literature books  I’m making a list. 

Swim Team, Golf, Piano

I think that’s most of it. We’ll do some apologetics and learn about finances also. And some geography with drawing the continents. 

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I can try. We’re also moving so I’m in the middle of all the things. 


Math: Saxon Alg 1

Grammar: GFTWTM (whichever color is next)

Writing: WWS 3

History:  modern with Kingfisher History + lit books a la WTM

Science: Apologia (?)

Logic: I have to look. She’s finished Discovery of Deduction so I’m not sure where to go from here  

Latin: Latin Prep 3

vocabulary: Wordly wise

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Well, we're still planning things out.  I'm considering moving Ursa-Minor-ward,  but would face a rebellion if I don't get our history into the modern world 🙂  ...for the moment our plan is:

  • Math: Math-U-See secondary + Calculus Without Tears + some mathy living book(s)
  • English
    • Writing: Writing With Skill 2
    • Creative Writer Level 2
    • (poetry -- tbd)
    • (word study -- tbd)
    • (grammar?  tbd)
  • Latin with CLRC (Year 2)
  • Greek with CLRC (Year 1)
  • History: Modern History, WTM-style
    • K12's Human Odyssey as spine
    • either DK History: The Definitive Visual Guide or DK The History Book
    • MapTrek to help with geography
  • Literature: WTM-style, perhaps incorporating MCT literature and/or Prentice Hall Literature World Masterpieces
  • Science:  mama-planned; I'm leaning toward physics but we may end up with biology if I can't get us through biology this summer:
  • Art
    • Artistic Pursuits Middle School Book 2: Color and Composition
    • continue Kistler's Draw Squad
  • Music
  • Philosophy/Religion:
  • Sports: Martial Arts
  • Charlotte Mason-style handicrafts/life skills: tbd



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I think I have 8th grade nailed down for my oldest...

Math: SingaporeMath Live 6 (prealgebra)



English From the Roots Up 2


Either Fix It grammar 2 or the grammar section from a partially used EIW 6 I have

For literature he'll read the books from bookshark 8 lit, not sure if I'm going to do any activities from the guide


History: Bookshark 8 History of Science (his choice, he's very excited about this). I got the workbooks to go with the first two Story of Science books. I now see MBTP has units to go with the last two Story of Science books, I may grab one or both of those. I'm not good about enforcing written narrations or notebooking or outlining, so I need something more laid out. It's time for more output in history, not just read and occasionally/rarely discuss. Lol

Science: Bookshark's new science 8 that goes along with the History of Science

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