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He's a writer! (proud mama moment)

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About a year ago we were having issues with writing - even just the physical act of writing was too much for him most of the time. And when I'd ask him to dictate a story for me to write it down, he had so much trouble thinking about what to write.

So I put it on pause, and just let him read independently, while we focused on other studies (that didn't require writing or composition.)

Kept up the "surrounding with books and surrounding with other people who write" thing.


We happened by a book fair a couple of days ago, and he wanted to buy a journal. I somewhat reluctantly let him (book fair journals = expensive, but he liked the design and also got a book and they were buy one get one free)

He hasn't put it down. He finished "chapter 2" of his story last night. I'm blown away by how much he's written (by choice) in such a short amount of time.

I'm just so proud of him and had to share!



(feel free to share your recent "proud mama" moment)



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Good for him! My proud mama moment is that my oldest is averaging 97% in Algebra 2 right now and he's almost done the course. We tried a different algebra 2 last year and dropped it after about 12 weeks because it was such a struggle, and I wondered at the time if maybe we just weren't smart enough for higher math (I was trying to learn it with him). Not so! (At least for him.)

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