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Jury duty excuse?

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I received a notice that I am being considered for Petit Jury Service.  In the past I have requested to be excused because of homeschooling but that isn't an issue this time.  The truth is I have very limited transportation.  We have one car and my (retired) husband now works part time, all different hours and different days.  I doubt he would be able to request a schedule that would allow me to have the car during the days and hours I might be required to be on a jury.  We are not anywhere near public transportation.  Is this a lame excuse to ask to be excused?   Or should I just wait to see if I'm actually called for service?

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It depends.

Where I live, you have to return the form. Then if you are actually called up, you have a certain period to ask for an exemption by letter. They grant exemptions only on a case-by-case basis, and I've heard they are picky about it. In a case where transportation is an issue, they are going to demand that you exhaust all possibilities with friends and family before they excuse you.

I got off for nursing a baby and then homeschooling, but they haven't called me up in over a decade. There are not a lot of trials in my county though.

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I asked to be excused this winter as I planned on going to CA for dd's foot surgery. They were very kind. But, then the trip fell apart and I didn't go. So I got called up a month later. They will only do one postponement. Dd got called this winter, DID have to go, but by the time they sat for 3 minutes, the case was plead out. Our DA pleads out everything, including dd's case from 2 weeks prior! She wouldn't have served anyway, as her case still isn't officially closed (traffic accident). The good news is where we both served this round, we WON'T be called for the big trial coming up this fall. Neither of us can serve that one anyway, as we know the defendants. I've gotten called a zillion times, but have been excused many times. I can serve now, but the trials keep getting called off. I don't know HOW they seat a jury in this town. One time it was illegal burning, and dh was the fire chief at the time. One was a horrible case and I know the main witness. I had to go into the judge's chambers and explain I already knew the guy was guilty. 

Navy girl gets called all the time. I wish they could get through their heads that she can't serve. I called once for her, and the lady was rude. I explained that dd was somewhere in the Gulf, and I'd be happy to forward the summons on. She might get it in 6 months!

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2 minutes ago, HeighHo said:

If its close by, you should go. Have your ride drop you off and pick you up, hang out in a library or coffee shop if you need to wait.  The plus is once you serve, you are off the list for a while. 


Yes, I would try to get it over with. They aren't going to excuse you for all time for that reason,  and going gets you off of the list for longer than a delay does.

Most people who get summoned don't get picked. Of those who get picked, the vast majority serve on very short trials. I've gone several times and only advanced to the questioning phase one time (and was recused at that time); it's usually just one long and boring day. 

This is based on your summons being for one day where you report and see if you get picked or not. I know some places have longer periods of time when you are 'on call' and you have to show up on certain days. Either way, though, my guess is that they don't readily excuse people who lack transportation. They may expect you to figure it out, or they may have specific rules in place about providing or paying for transportation. 

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