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I had my son take a practice ACT and a practice SAT to see if he was naturally better at one or the other.  He wasn’t, so I went with the SAT just because the local school uses that test and also because Khan Academy has free practice for the SAT but not the ACT.

In the end, for study, I paid for PrepScholar. My son works through their program for 40 minutes every school day.  He doesn’t like it.  He doesn’t want to do it, but he does.  He doesn’t actively fight me about it, but it’s not like it’s something he wants to do.  Not because it’s a bad program, but just because he’s not the sort of kid who likes test prep or has huge goals that require a stellar test score.  So, I don’t have tips for helping a kid want to study.  

He’s been using it since September and is taking the SAT this Tuesday (the local school has SAT School Day where it’s taken on a school day and not a Saturday.). 


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