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Grammar for the WTM - Lesson 64 - Object Complements

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Lesson 64 contains several errors that have been addressed by WTM here:

But after reading the corrections, we're more confused than ever!

From 64A:

Sir Percival and Sir Lamorak had obtained permission to ride forth together in companionship.

Before the website correction, the phrase "to ride forth together in companionship" was labeled in the book as an Object Complement but diagrammed as an Adjective Phrase.  After correction, the phrase is labeled as an Adjective Phrase.  Either way, the phrase describes the Direct Object "permission".

But why? Why is it an Adjective Phrase and not an Object Complement when it follows the Direct Object and describes it?

Thank you!


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I haven't been able to go back and look at our book from last year.

This is my guess. 

Because "to ride forth in companionship" does NOT rename the direct object permission, it is not an object compliment.  It does answer the question "what kind of permission?" so it is diagrammed as an adjective phrase.  Although the phrase explains the permission, it does not rename it, which means it is not an object compliment. 

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It does describe the DO permission, but (arguably) doesn’t complete the meaning of the verb, which is another criteria for being an object complement. I agree that one is tricky! 

Here is a site I have come to love!

Edited by Alte Veste Academy
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