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On 3/31/2019 at 9:17 PM, hollyhock2 said:

I would get one of the Easy Grammar Ultimate books and go through that. I tried that this year with my 9th grader, actually, and it ended up being that he really didn't need it, but I did like the book.

Just a heads-up that these have rule reminders in them, but they are not instructional. They are more application-based. We use them too, and I do like them, but if you are looking for instruction, they will probably only partially fit the bill.

If you want instruction and targeted exercises by topic, maybe one of the Warriner's grammar books? It's a traditional textbook, but it's thorough. You can buy older editions online for just a few bucks. I don't know as much about the setup of the newer books and computer-based options available from Holt/Rainbow Resource, but they do sell some version of Warriner's as well.

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