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Choosing Online Highschool




I have a soon-to-be 9th grader. Does anyone have advice about online high schools? He currently is taking three courses at WTMA, which are fabulous. I would love to continue with the curriculum throughout high school, but I am concerned that because WTMA is not accredited, nor a "proper" high school, competitive colleges will not look at him. Furthermore, as a friend asked, oh, will he have to get a GED since he will not graduate from a school?

Any advice? Thoughts? 

Thank you!

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Hi, Lisa, 

Did you find the answers to your questions? 

If not, I would encourage you to check out Bauer's book, Rethinking School. 

Also, as you have a child taking WTMA classes, they might be willing to answer some questions too. 

Quick thoughts. Hope you found some answers!

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My two daughters were homeschooled through 8th grade then went onto Laurel Springs Academy. I did not feel confident in my ability to teach high school, and I want outside accountability. My oldest daughter just graduated from university this spring, and she is off to a good job. She was well prepared for college work and had great independent study skills. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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