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ELTL or grammar workbook for 5th

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I’m trying to decide between English Lessons through Literature or piecing together our English and grammar.

We’ve done ELTL for a while. It’s a Charlotte Mason style program, also compatible with classical education. All my kids have loved it, and I like it too. Currently my daughter is in 4th grade, and doing level 3. She’s just not retaining the grammar. I noticed this in previous years too. She is just lost in the diagrams, and some days can’t tell a noun from a verb. We supplement with the Grammar Pop app. I don’t know if a different program would make a difference with grammar. She is a prolific reader, but struggles with math, spelling, and reading music.

Option A is to keep going with ELTL. We like it, and maybe the memory work and practice will click eventually. 

Option B is to switch to a workbook style grammar. We do dictation with spelling, I have an excellent reading list we can read through for literature, and we can add once a week poetry teatimes. We’re probably going to be doing a creative writing group with twice a month assignments. 

Option C- you tell me.

Also, if we choose option B, is there anything I’m missing for 5th grade English/Language Arts? Any grammar workbooks you’d recommend? Thanks!

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Junior Analytical Grammar is a workbook that if done daily will only take about 11 weeks. If spread around half speed or so it seems like it'd tuck right into your style? It covers all the parts of speech with basic diagramming.

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