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Logic of English Foundations C + D Time Estimate?

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Hi there!

We have been using Logic of English A & B this year, and we LOVE it so far.   What a great curriculum!  

I have heard that the lessons start to really ramp up in Logic of English C & D.    Could anyone give me a time estimate on how long you think it would take to complete an entire lesson in LOE Foundations C & D?   (Including the child doing the reader, etc.)   

Thanks so much!

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For us, those lessons really dragged on. I don’t remember where they got challenging/time-consuming in C but I started just turning on a timer.  I do remember thinking they were taking forever but felt like I needed to do an entire lesson each day (until I turned to the timer-method).   All this was with my 1st child.  Since then I’ve really learned to let go. 😁 I didn’t actually finish D with my 2nd grader because he moved into IEW and grammar with his big sister and because he picked up the reading much quicker than her.  It was taking us upwards of an hour/lesson. So I started just doing about 30 minutes and basically splitting the lesson into 2 days.  It worked for us. 

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I'd have to agree with smarson here. I don't remember exactly where it got more challenging in C but I found myself splitting the lessons into two because of how long it took. We are almost finished with D and we still have them split into two. I think if we did an actual entire lesson in a day it would take us a little over an hour in D because there are reading books attached to it among everything, which I feel is too much for a first grader. 

I will say, since separating the spelling and reading from the grammar and phonics study, she has became a much more efficient speller. 

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