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I always liked running and swimming, this love appeared during my childhood years and continues in my adult years too. I mostly practise these types of sports during warm seasons when it's the most convinient time for this. I tried to go to swimming pool during the other seasons too but in my case it was a bad idea because I often became ill after going outsides from warm gym, that's why I needed to give up this idea. Both of them are also a good addition to my usual fitness routine.
And in case of sport games I like to play volleyball and tennis the most of all. I tried football too but I wasn't a good player in it at all so I prefer just to watch it 🙂 I adore to watch matches translations together with my friends, cheer for our favourite teams and make bets https://bet365-pt.com/ on them. Our tastes are the same for them, for example our favourite teams are from from Brazil and Spain.

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I much prefer to play sports than watch - even if it's my own dc participating. 😉  Does that make me a weird mom? I totally support them and encourage their improvement and enjoyment of the activity, though. 

I enjoy watching the winter and summer Olympics as there is a wide variety of sports to browse through and you don't see them very often. I like equestrian events, gymnastics, ski jumping, figure skating.

Sports to participate in myself are tennis, Taekwon-do, nordic skiing, distance running, swimming, skating, kayaking and cycling. I could add in snowshoeing and hiking as well, though they're not really sports.

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