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Great Books online w/o composition

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Ia there such a course in which students read and discuss without having to write? If you have experience with any particular provider or teacher, please let me know your opinion of the course. This is for a ninth grader.

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Two come to mind.

Wes Callihan's Schola Tutorials. You determine the output. 


Angelina Stanford's Great Books Literature courses. The writing is minimal for hers. Two short papers for midterm and final. 


I'm just sharing my research because this is exactly the issue I need to solve for my son. I have seen positive reviews about both of them.

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I can recommend Wasko Lit, taught by Brian Wasko of WriteAtHome.com. DS has taken Great Books courses with him for three years now, after trying a couple other online providers. These courses have a reasonable reading load and pace, but they cover a lot of ground and you can check the book lists at the link below. There is minimal required output: a short weekly online comprehension quiz to keep the kids on schedule and accountable, plus one paper or creative project (for example, a Powerpoint presentation about an author), per semester. The focus is really on the books, not composition. Lots of good discussion. Mr. Wasko is personable and enthusiastic and relates well to his students. No proselytizing. Classes meet live once per week. 


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