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Breaking the Spanish Barrier Level I question

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First, a little bit of back story:  my dd14 came went to school at the beginning of this school year for the first time and had a great first semester. The school she attended was on a block schedule, so she completed Spanish I the first semester. Second semester, dd14 began struggling with severe anxiety, and to make a long story very short, we ended up withdrawing her to homeschool again about a month into the second semester. She was enrolled in Spanish II then. Homeschooling her again was not exactly on my radar and I'm stretched pretty thin between working part time and homeschooling my other kids, so I basically looked for what I'd consider stop-gap solutions to complete this year. 

Following advice I received here on the high school forum, I purchased Breaking the Spanish Barrier for Spanish. We went with book one because I thought the review would be good for her (she didn't love Spanish I but ended up with a high A in the class because of the abundant opportunities for grades and extra credit. which is a whole 'nother story). She's doing okay with BtSB, but every time she takes a test at the end of a lesson, there appears to be things she cannot recall or even go back and find in the chapter. Because she is doing this independently, I have not followed along with her to know exactly what she's doing.  There are also oral questions to answer at the beginning of each test, and I have no idea what to make of them because there is nothing explanatory about it on the test key.  My question is this:  because she is ONLY doing the print version of the book, are we missing something that might only be available in the e-text or the iBook?  This is especially true of the composition question at the end of the test.  The test she took today (on lesson 3) mentions what appears to be the title of an article as a part of the composition question.  

I've had dual enrollment for Spanish as an option in the back of my mind for a long time, and I'm beginning to wonder if I should've just stuck with that original plan when she came home again.  

I hope this makes sense and someone out there can offer some insight!

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