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Spring Fever

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Is it striking anyone else?

We are this close [ ] to finishing several things. Ds14 has about 3 weeks of math left. Math with him has always taken so much our homeschool day that it seems like school is almost done. It isn't really, but we are finally above freezing and the sun is shining. The kids have spent a good part of the last two days playing outside.

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Tonight is warmer than most of the day. It was sunny, but cold and windy. The warmer air has blown in, so it is actually warmer in the dark. I went for a walk to burn off some anxiety.

We still have a couple more weeks of potential snow. The first week of April is sometimes the biggest storm of the year.

I want rhubarb pie. People from down south do not share the same excitement that northerners do with our perennial vegetables that are all we have in April for fresh local produce. The first asparagus and rhubarb that push through the ground are so exciting to harvest. Even if I cannot harvest any myself this year, I still want to eat the spring perennials.

It is time to pull out the Nature Study Handbook. All the Burgess books start about now.

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