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Does anyone else feel like, "Well, this is it.  My last shot to get it right"?! 😉 I'm glad to have this Forum for help!

I have settled on (for now!) Sonlight for my 9th grade dd.  We switched over from AO and she loves the structure, the books, the workload...  She is a different kid than before we switched.  Yay!

Now for ds.  He loves AO, and I love the books.  However, I have a couple of questions:

1.  He's an engineering-type kid.  We just ordered "Complete-A-Sketch" so he can begin to work on actual architectural/design drawings.  Does anyone have any experience with this program?  Any tips?

2.  He is a kid that LOVES to read the Great Books.  I'm still torn between AO and OWC for high school next year.  My thoughts are that we can continue to follow the living science recommendations for AO, but this *may be* his last real chance to feast on these treasured books.  AO includes many, for sure, but they don't have Wes Callihan to explain and bring them to life.  I've seen many on this Forum who have chosen either AO or OWC, but I'd love to hear how and why you made these choices, and your experiences (especially any who have gone on to college).  I don't think I can go wrong with either, and I can switch mid-stream, but I'd like to at least go in with all of the data.  

Thank you!    

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If your kid loves the Great Books, then I would say to definitely let him do that! Both of my two that have graduated worked their way through the great books, and it really helped with their test scores, comprehension and it paid off well for college! 




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