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IEW to BJU Writing & Grammar 9?

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We have been using IEW since 2nd or 3rd grade for writing and it is really going well. My two sons started attending a University Model school half way through 6th grade, so they now go to school on Tuesday and Thursday and work from home with me as their "co-teacher" on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Looking ahead, I see they plan to switch from IEW to BJU in 9th grade (they are currently almost finished with 7th, so one more year of IEW before they intend to switch).  I am not too happy about this because they are doing really well with IEW and it just seems to be such a great program.

Has anyone else switched from IEW to BJU in 9th grade and, if so, what has your experience been?  Anyone able to compare the two?  I have never used any BJU materials so not sure what to expect, other than what I have read on Cathy Duffy Reviews.


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This was very helpful. Thank you. 
I have dabbled some in EIW, FixIt, and IEW. I have often wondered if I would have done any of them all the way through if it would be a thorough coverage. I never had that confidence though. 
thanks for sharing!!


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