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Crocodile and Coconuts--so many errors!

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We’re using the Arbor Math books for my 7th grader this year. He loved Jousting Armadillos and it was a great fit for him.

We continued with Crocodiles and Coconuts. It’s still been mostly good. It’s a little too wordy for him, he’s much more of an auditory learner I’ve realized. We’ve gotten around that mostly by me reading him the longer sections and then orally discussing it rather than having him read it himself. But my bigger gripe is that there are SO MANY ERRORS in the solutions guide. JA had some and that was a bit annoying but understandable. This is way more and it’s really frustrating. I love the concept of the books, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it to anyone at this point becuase of the errors. Just thought I’d throw that out there since I know it’s a program a lot of people look at. 

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Yes. This is a minor frustration. I loved these books (but not as much as my son)  but I do remember having to rework problems he had "missed" to verify whether he missed them or the book was wrong. 

I'm not sure off the top.of my head but I think there is a printable addendum with some of the corrections. 

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